Post Graduate Day on the ANIMAL WORLD - Application Form

Dr. Algundgi Shekhar

M.D.(HOM), M.F.Hom , F. Hom. (U.K.), N.D. (Naturo)
Faculty: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy- The Other Song

Post Graduate Day on the ANIMAL WORLD in Homeopathy

Date: June 9th

During that process of case taking we take a journey with the client. To ascertain the kingdom, we first have to realise the anchor of the case. We are guided to the correct kingdom by tracing the patient’s words. Dr. Shekhar is an amazing teacher who has the ability to bring the kingdoms to life and give you practical tools to improve your case taking and to understanding the animal kingdom.
Topics that will be covered

  • Understanding general themes of Animal kingdom remedies
  • Detailed study of individual sub-class of animals
    Example: Ophidia group, Birds, Molluscs, Spiders, Mammals etc.
  • Understanding proving themes of individual remedies from the sub classes within the families
  • Similarity with a difference between remedies within the subclasses.  Example: *Boa constrictor V/S Pyphon from Ophidia group, *Lac Ovis V/S Lac Defloratum in Mammals, *Eagle V/S Hawk V/S Falcon in birds
  • A practical approach to Inter-kingdom differentiation which is really helpful while prescribing. Example: *Birds remedies V/S Drug like remedies of plant kingdom V/S Gasses from mineral kingdom, *Mammals V/S Row 3 from Mineral kingdom V/S Malvales from Plant kingdom, *Molluscs V/S Row 2 from Mineral kingdom

Price: €80 Early Bird before the 7th May €100 thereafter

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