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The Professional Homeopathy Practitioner Training Course 

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4- Year Professional Course     
Our professional Homeopathy training course is fully accredited. There are eleven weekends a year from September to June and the course is designed to cater for students who have other work or home commitments. Face-to-face classes have resumed in Dublin. For students who don’t live in commuting distance, the classes will also be live-streamed to provide a proper classroom experience for those who are attending online. They will be fully interactive and this hybrid model continues throughout the course. All classes are recorded and can be viewed by class members at any time.

As well as intensive tuition on all aspects of homeopathy the School also includes many other vital aspects which make our course unique. Apply here

For more detailed information about our course please download our prospectus here

Clinical Training
Clinical experience is one of the core aspects of the course. It is an opportunity to put into practice what has been learned in theory and also to gain confidence and experience before commencing practice. Initially clinical experience begins with observation of experienced practitioners in a class room setting.

In years three and four there is a dedicated school clinic in Dublin. The clinic is where students have an opportunity to hone their case taking, observation, case analysis, prescribing and case management skills. Patients are seen by two or three students under the supervision of the clinic tutor. There is a video link-up to the rest of the year’s students so everyone can observe and take the case in real time. The clinic provides the time and space for each student to gain and develop the skills necessary to practice effectively and confidently after graduation.

Counselling & Personal Development
girl_ongrassBecoming a homeopath is far more than academic study and attendance-it is a life changing process. Working with patients, dealing with health and disease, exploring energy medicine and engaging on deep levels with others, brings students into deeper aspects of life and deeper areas of themselves. Students on this journey discover many new and life changing things. They discover resources that they did not know they possessed. They find their belief systems challenged and enlarged. They encounter many paradigm shifts in their nature. They find a new meaning to their purpose in life. All in all they find that after four years they are in a place in their lives which is beyond what they imagined when they made their first contact with the school.

In order to facilitate this process the school teaches students basic counselling and communication skills. There are also two residential weekends for students, one in second year and one in third year where they can explore issues related to practice as well as personal themes in a facilitated and safe environment.

Students are also expected to see a homeopath during the course of their training if they haven’t already done so and experience the depth of homeopathic treatment for themselves.

Supervision is essential element of any profession which works in a therapeutic setting. At the Irish School of Homeopathy we have long prided ourselves on the provision of high quality clinical supervision. This gives the overview, mentoring and professional experience needed to help guide students into practice. In third and fourth year students will have a personal supervisor and it is where they can bring their own cases. Here they can discuss all aspects of their patient management and care and develop the skills necessary to run their own practice.

Our supervisors are all practicing Homeopaths registered with The Irish Society of Homeopaths. The majority are graduates of the School and some of them also teach at the School. This means that they are ideally placed to supervise students and work with them towards their graduation.

Presentation Skills
In order to successfully promote themselves and their practice students are also taught all of the practical skills necessary to present their own workshops in a professional manner. These include preparing a lesson plan, modes of delivery, use of teaching aids, marketing etc. This builds confidence in working with groups of people in an effective way and is vital to successful practice.

Being able to provide sound nutritional advice in order to support patient’s health is another vital skill which homeopaths need. There are nutrition modules built into each of the four years in order to provide this information.

Year Tutor
Each year is assigned their own class tutor. The tutor is there to help and support students throughout the school year. The tutor organises and co-ordinates the study groups, corrects homework, deals with problems and also provides feedback and support. The tutor gets to know each student very well and is available for contact by phone or email to provide support and advice as necessary.

Regional Tutorial Groups with Homeopathic Mentor
Our school is unique in providing student group tutorials all over Ireland as a support in the first and second year of the programme. The classes are sub-divided into regional study groups and these groups meet weekly and are a forum for homeopathic study and mutual support. Once a month, the group is facilitated by a tutor appointed by the school. The tutor’s role is to support, encourage, answer questions and help deepen the learning process for students.

In third and fourth year the study groups continue to meet but students will also each have their own clinical supervisor.

All of our tutors are registered homeopaths and most are graduates of the School and therefore are easily able to relate to students where they are at. They have been through the same learning process and have had to deal with all of the issues that students go through on their way to practice. They are therefore able to normalise the process for sometimes anxious students and can provide insights into difficulties experienced. They also provide valuable feedback to the School so that the School can provide relevant extra support when needed.

Professional Practice
homeopathy_girlOur four year course provides all of the knowledge, skills and practical tools to allow graduates to have their own practice. The fact that students must present a selection of supervised cases for graduation means that they have already begun to sow the seeds of their practice. In fact some students are already quite busy with patients by the time they graduate.

On successful graduation they can practice either on their own, many practice from their own homes, or with colleagues in a group practice. Some opt to join in multi-disciplinary holistic practices all around the country. Due to the fact that homeopathy can treat the individual on such a deep level some graduates use homeopathy with other skills e.g. counselling, psychotherapy, nursing etc. to provide a unique service.

Course evaluation is based on continual assessment. This comprises of monthly assignments, case studies, end of year projects, presentation of own supervised cases. Before graduation students will prepare their final case portfolio for presentation and interview with the School Board and External Examiner. Students also have an informal bi-annual assessment with their year tutor to discuss progress. The School respects the individual student’s learning style and encourages creativity in assignments. The programme given to students at the start of the year will show all of the assignments and homework for that year. This means that students can plan their study time and work on projects over a period of time.

Fee per annum: €3,000 (€3,120 if paying in installments)

Installment rate: €120 booking fee plus 12 monthly installments of €250. This fee includes all the above modules; Continuous Assessments; Counselling Modules; Anatomy & Physiology; Mid-term personal interviews; and Regional monthly tutorials.

Application Procedure for the Professional Homeopathy Practitioner Training Course
To apply for our Professional Homeopathy Practitioner Training you should make your application on one of our official forms.

The postal option is available to download here.

This can be sent by mail to the office together with your curriculum vitae. You can also fill in the online application form in the Book Now section on the right hand side of this page.

When we receive a completed application form you will be invited to a personal interview. Interviews commence April each year and held regularly through the summer months with final interviews occurring in late August.

Places on the professional course are limited, so do apply early to secure a place. The School may also accept students who have previously studied homeopathy for entry into our 2nd and 3rd year programme, subject to meeting the Schools’ standards and the availability of places.


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