We have them in both Dublin and Cork

The training clinic at the Irish School of Homeopathy is where students learn all the day to day skills for running a successful practice. It is an excellent, affordable way to get homeopathic treatment supervised by a licensed, registered homeopath and is open at weekends between September and May from 10am to 4pm. Anyone can attend, as homeopathy is suitable for all kinds of ailments, allergies and health issues.

The first visit costs €35 which includes the consultation, which usually lasts for about one hour. Follow-up visits cost €25 and usually last about thirty minutes. If you have special circumstances, we can of course reduce the fee.

Your consultation will take place at a time convenient to you and arranged in advance. Please ring the clinic coordinator for an appointment.

If you would prefer to attend a student privately please have a look at this list for the name of someone in your area. All of our students are continually supervised by registered homeopaths while they are training so that you can be sure of the best quality treatment. Click here to view all student homeopaths.

General Contact information
Angie Murphy-School administrator
Tel: +353 1 868 2581

We have a clinic in Dublin and a clinic in Cork, click to see available dates.

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