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The aim of Post Graduate courses are to deepen your knowledge, look at difficult pathologies and broaden your skill base to help you become a more effective practitioner. The courses we offer are always very practical and inspiring and are facilitated by highly skilled and well known homeopaths from Ireland and abroad. This year we have an exciting line up of facilitators and topics. The courses is open to all graduates of recognized courses and some may also be open to students of homeopathy. Please scroll down for further information.

Post Graduate Programme 2018/2019

Jeremy Sherr

Dynamis Ireland Advanced Post Grad

Start Date: February 2019

The aim of the Dynamis Advanced Post Graduate program is to potentise those who participate into deeper knowledge and understanding of Homeopathy while also gaining practical skills and confidence and ultimately achieve better results in clinic. The Dynamis student develops an advanced understanding of homoeopathic principles that can then be applied in practice. It is a course for those who want to take their homeopathy deeper and further. Over the three years in Dynamis you will develop greater insight into the nature of health, disease, and cure.

You will also learn:

  • To synthesise a seemingly unconnected bunch of symptoms into a comprehensive, logical totality.
  • To perceive what is curative in remedies without the need for memorising keynotes.
  • To improve your choice of rubrics and remedies by refining you critical thinking skills.
  • Advanced case taking, pre-analysis, analysis and repertorisation techniques.
  • Materia-medica, old and new, including the Dynamis provings.
  • Anatomy, physiology, pathology and chemistry from a homeopathic point of view.
  • Obstacles to cure, susceptibility, potency selection, similar and dissimilar diseases, acute and chronic, epidemics and chronic disease.
  • Remedy relationships, remedy reaction and second prescription.
  • To critically evaluate case results through the long-term follow-up of live patients, increasing our understanding of the second prescription and case management.

………and lots more. For more information please download this PDF This course is for every level of homoeopath, from second year to advanced.



  • Feb 15-18th
  • May 31st- 3rd June
  • Nov 8th-11th


  • Feb 14th-17th
  • June 5th – 8th
  • Nov 27th – 30th


  • March 5th – 8th
  • June 4th – 7th
  • October 1st-4th

2022 Final Week Sunday 15th to Thursday 19th May (Residential)

You can book your course online by going to the online application form

Thérèse Cosgrove IS Hom

CLINICAL IMBALANCES in Homeopathy – Functional Medicine

Date: February 7th-9th 2020

The aim of this three-day seminar is to delve into the interweaving connections of our bio-physiology, and to provide a practical understanding of clinical imbalances that can be integrated into your homeopathic practice. Being able to recognise the key signs and symptoms of each core clinical imbalance, identifying significant triggers in the case, working with the client’s timeline, and utilising testing where appropriate, helps to identify the primary clinical imbalance, and facilitates targeted treatments. This may also offer a common language and tool set for clinicians across disciplines, presenting an opportunity in moving towards fully integrated medicine.

During the seminar key digestive, detoxification, hormonal, immune and methylation imbalances will be explored through:

  • Signs, symptoms and simple in-clinic diagnostic tests and too
  • Common misdiagnoses
  • Aetiologies and triggers including bacterial infection
  • Susceptibility of specific genotypes
  • Drug depletion effects•Interlinking impact of clinical imbalances
  • Addressing imbalances with targeted homeopathy including sarcodes, nosodes, and vitamin and mineral remedies
  • Understanding materia medica with clinical imbalances
  • Common blood tests will be discussed, and the benefits and limitations of orthodox and functional testing explored, including the rapidly growing area of genetic testing.

Price: €275 Early Bird (€300 full price)

Early bird deposit due before the 6th of October 2018

You can book your course online by going to the online application form:

Dr. Rajan Sankaran

THE 8 BOX METHOD – a reproducible tool to find the right remedy

Date: April 2019 Friday 26th – Sunday 28th

From Sensation to Synergy, and now the 8 Box Method of case-analysis takes these ideas one step further. The 8-box method is the latest and the most successful tool so far in Dr Rajan Sankaran’s development of the practice of Homeopathy. The 8 Box Method is based on the concept of ‘exactness’ and ‘completeness’ and includes all the tools developed so far in a very harmonious way for getting the most consistent results in practice. In this seminar Dr Rajan Sankaran will delve into the finer nuances of case taking and analysis. He will explore the idea of identifying the pattern that underlies the various aspects of the case, and how to translate such an understanding into a remedy. He will also illustrate the subtleties of case taking and analysis. All this would be illustrated with several cases including pathological cases. This seminar will benefit all students and practicing professional homeopaths.

Price: €300 Early Bird (€350 full price)

Early bird deposit due before the 31st of January 2019

You can book your course online by going to the online Application Form.

Dr. Algundgi Shekhar

M.D.(HOM), M.F.Hom , F. Hom. (U.K.), N.D. (Naturo) Faculty: International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy- The Other Song

Post Graduate Day on the ANIMAL WORLD in Homeopathy

Date: June 9th

During that process of case taking we take a journey with the client. To ascertain the kingdom, we first have to realise the anchor of the case. We are guided to the correct kingdom by tracing the patient’s words. Dr. Shekhar is an amazing teacher who has the ability to bring the kingdoms to life and give you practical tools to improve your case taking and to understanding the animal kingdom. Topics that will be covered

  • Understanding general themes of Animal kingdom remedies
  • Detailed study of individual sub-class of animals Example: Ophidia group, Birds, Molluscs, Spiders, Mammals etc.
  • Understanding proving themes of individual remedies from the sub classes within the families
  • Similarity with a difference between remedies within the subclasses.  Example: *Boa constrictor V/S Pyphon from Ophidia group, *Lac Ovis V/S Lac Defloratum in Mammals, *Eagle V/S Hawk V/S Falcon in birds
  • A practical approach to Inter-kingdom differentiation which is really helpful while prescribing. Example: *Birds remedies V/S Drug like remedies of plant kingdom V/S Gasses from mineral kingdom, *Mammals V/S Row 3 from Mineral kingdom V/S Malvales from Plant kingdom, *Molluscs V/S Row 2 from Mineral kingdom

Price: €80 Early Bird before the 7th May €100 thereafter

You can book your course online by going to the Post Graduate Day on the ANIMAL WORLD online Application Form.

Please note: Cancellations in writing will be accepted up to 4 weeks prior to commencement of the course. After this date, no refund of the deposit will be given. The Irish School of Homeopathy reserve the right to cancel the course if the minimum number of people do not apply in which case a full refund will be given.

Please contact us on if you have any further questions.

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