5- Day Home Prescribers Certificate Programme


Homeopathy Home Prescribers Certificate Programme


5 – Day Programme – ONLINE CLASSES

Learn How to take your Homeopathy Knowledge & Home Prescribing Skills to the Next Level.

Our 5-Day Homeopathy Home Prescribers Certificate Programme  is presented as a series of interactive 1-day training workshops (dates below) to enable you to build your homeopathic prescribing skills and knowledge. It will allow you to become much more confident in prescribing remedies for yourself, your family and your friends..

This intensive programme will develop your case taking skills and help you become much more familiar with a wide range of remedies as well as how and when to use them.

The programme consists of various themed day workshops, including:

– Women’s Health issues and relevant remedies

– Men’s Health issues and relevant remedies

– Children’s Health – from tots to teens!

– Seasonal Ailments and relevant remedies

– Tissue Salts, Diet & nutrition to support Homeopathic treatments

– Sports Injuries and lots more … detailed module content below.

Each day will be dedicated to building your homeopathic skills in the following areas: 

  • Case-taking master classes with examples and tutorials
  • Differentiating between remedies
  • Remedy Prescription, potency and dosage
  • How to follow up with your cases and further treatment

Who is this Homeopathy Home Prescribers Course for?

The Home Prescribers course is designed as the follow-on course from our 1-Day Workshop.  It is an ideal course for anyone looking to improve their current level of knowledge and home-prescribing skills.

If you want to take your Homeopathy knowledge to the next level, but you are unsure if you want to commit to our 1-Year Foundation course, or our 4-Year Professional course, then the Home Prescribers Course is the ideal course for you.

* PLEASE NOTE  –  Our 1-day Beginners Workshop is a prerequisite for the Home Prescribers Certificate Programme. You can view upcoming 1-day course dates and details HERE.    (Please note, the 1-Day Beginners Course will be available as an online course in the very near future)

Tuition Fee: The Homeopathy Home Prescriber’s Course fee is €500 
To secure your place on the Home Prescribers Certificate Programme, a deposit of €200 is required 30 days in advance of day one of the course. The balance of your tuition fee is payable on or before day one of the programme. This fee includes a copy of Miranda Castro’s book which will be posted out to you. For the Early Bird rate please contact courses@ish.ie. 

Course Modules include:

DAY 1 – Children’s Health – From Tots to Teens

• Introduction to some key remedies to use for teething, colic, earache, tummy

• bugs, exam stress, acne and puberty

• Each child is different and we will look at how homeopathy recognises this uniqueness and provides individual support from tot to teens.

• Building and maintaining a strong immune system. • Childhood illnesses.


Day 2 – General Health with Homeopathy

• Seasonal Complaints

• A look at coughs, respiratory infections and Flu. • Grief and anxiety remedies.

• Case taking skills.


DAY 3 – Health & Wellness

• Schussler’s Homeopathic Tissue Salts.

• Diet & Nutrition to support homeopathic treatment.

• Toxins & detoxification using homeopathy.

• Digestive complaints

• Maintaining causes


DAY 4 – Women’s Health

• Key remedies for women’s health.

• Learn about acute remedies for treating PMS, period pain, and urinary tract infections

• Menopause

• Candida and other women’s complaints.

• Female constitutional types.

• Case-taking

• Remedy differentiation

• Remedy prescription and follow-up.


DAY 5 – Men’s Health, Sports Injuries and more

• Key remedies for men’s health

• Sports injuries

• Essential family remedies

• An overview of what has been learned

• Introduction to more complex homeopathic prescribing

Book Your Place Now  

To book your place on the course, choose your location and click on the relevant ‘Book Now’ button. You will be directed to an application form, then to a Paypal checkout page to pay your deposit and secure your place on the course. The balance of your tuition fee is payable on or before day one of the programme.

ONLINE Course Dates for Autumn 2021- BOOKED OUT

Day 1 – Sunday 24th October 2021
Day 2 – Sunday 14th November 2021
Day 3 – Sunday 5th December 2021
Day 4 – Sunday 9th January 2022
Day 5 – Sunday 6 th February 2022
Time 10 am – 5 pm



Book now for SPRING 2022 

Day 1 – Sunday March 27th
Day 2 – Sunday April 10th
Day 3 – Sunday May 8th
Day 4 – Sunday May 29th
Day 5 – Sunday June 26th
Time 10 am – 5 pm

If you have any further questions or require assistance with your booking, click here to get in touch