Cultivating Healing with KIM KALINA

Cultivating Healing: an integrative approach to complex & incurable disease

Knowing how to activate the healing potential in clients and when to use homeopathy alongside other supports is essential to enable complex cases to recover. Using the personal 3-year case of her husband Steve healing his Parkinson’s Kim Kalina will illuminate these essential elements and show us how to merge homeopathy into a broader healing paradigm. Learn when to use homeopathy, and how & when to incorporate other supports, empowering clients to recover health even in incurable diseases. By the end of the first weekend, you will be clear on the 5 key elements of recovery that Kim & Steve have found to be essential for all clients regardless of diagnosis or prognosis, recognise how to incorporate and individualise them so that clients can attain the healing they aspire to, and be inspired to confidently journey deeper into the healing matrix with your clients. The second weekend will deepen the learning through questions & insights that may arise out of your own cases, as well as discussing any areas of further interest that emerge from the initial class weekend. Healing is an unfolding process rather than a destination, so we are consciously creating space for the learning to continue to evolve too. Join us…



Online ZOOM – 6th and 7th of May
Online ZOOM – 7th and 8th of October


€440 Early Bird price if a deposit of €120 is paid before the 15th of March. A subsequent payment of €160 should be paid two weeks before each of the teaching weekends.
€500 Full price €250 paid before each of the teaching weekends.
Monthly payments can also be arranged. €100 deposit before the 1st of March and monthly payments of €80 for 5 months.

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Cancellations in writing will be accepted up to 3 weeks prior to commencement of the course.  After this date, no refund will be given. The Irish School of Homeopathy reserve the right to cancel the course if the minimum number of people do not apply which in this case is 15 people.