MAY 21st 2023 ONLINE course


The aim of the Post Graduate course is to deepen your knowledge, look at difficult pathologies and broaden your skill base to help you become a more effective practitioner.


Suitable for those who are looking for a more in depth introduction to Homeopathy

The Irish School of Homeopathy

Celebrating 30 years Providing Professional Accredited Training
Welcome to The Irish School of Homeopathy where we offer the highest quality homeopathic education in Ireland. Inspiring, Nurturing and Empowering are the words people use when asked what the School represents to them. These words capture the essence of attending the School from a one day workshop to the professional training course. They are the practical expression of the School’s values in how we support students as they work through both the course and their own individual process.

Our school has been established for twenty five years and enjoys an excellent international reputation. Our professional training course will not only give you the knowledge, skills and competence to practice professionally it will also provide you with the all of the essential tools to set up in practice. The course is fully accredited by The Irish Society of Homeopaths which means that when you graduate you are immediately eligible to become a professionally registered homeopath.

Our Homeopathy Courses

We provide a range of Homeopathy courses from complete beginner through to our post-graduate programm.

1-Day Workshops

Learn How to Confidently Use Homeopathic Remedies for a Range of Common & Acute Ailments.  

Homeopathy Training

Home Prescribers

Learn How to take your Homeopathy Knowledge & Home Prescribing Skills to the Next Level.

One Year Foundation

Start Your Journey To Becoming A Professional Homeopath or Learn a Valuable, Life-Changing Skill to Help Your Loved Ones.

Professional Training

As well as intensive tuition on all aspects of homeopathy the School also includes many other vital aspects which make our course unique.

Homeopathy Training

Post-graduate Certificate

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Another Course

Start Your Journey To Becoming A Professional Homeopath or Learn a Valuable, Life-Changing Skill to Help Support the Health of Your Loved Ones.

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