Irish Society of Homeopaths

The Irish Society of Homeopaths is the registering body for homeopathy in Ireland. The Society both sets and maintains the standards for homeopathy and homeopathic practice. Registered members are bound by the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Society and participate in the Continuing Professional Development programme of the Society. This ensures that professional homeopaths practice in an environment which ensures the highest quality healthcare for patients. You can find out more about the work of the Society here.
The Irish Society of Homeopaths is a member of the E.C.C.H. (European Central Council for Homeopathy) which is the regulating body for homeopathy in Europe. Our syllabus follows the European guidelines and more information on the work of the E.C.C.H. can be found at

The Society has an accreditation process for course providers. This process defines, maintains and develops uniformly high standards of professional education in homeopathy. The accreditation process places major emphasis on quality, feedback and best practice and the standard of our course is monitored both internally and externally to ensure the highest standards are maintained for our students.
The Irish School of Homoeopathy is the first course provider in the country to successfully meet these criteria and have its course accredited. This means that professional competence of graduates of the School is accepted. Graduates are then automatically entitled to go forward for registration and participate in the Society’s CPD (Continual Professional Development) programme.

Government Regulation
The Minister for Health and Children has published a report on the regulation of complementary medicine in Ireland. The report recommends a system of voluntary self-regulation in line with practice in other European countries. Homoeopathy regulated by the Irish Society of Homeopaths is one of the few professions that meet all of the recommended requirements. Having properly trained professionals who have graduated from an accredited course and who are then insured and registered will ensure the highest standards of treatment for patients. You can read the 2005 report here.

Health Insurance
Many of the health insurance companies will reimburse their members if they visit a registered homeopath and subscribe to the relevant medical insurance plan.

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