“I have just completed the four year Professional Training course in Homeopathy in the Irish School of Homeopathy in Milltown College, Dublin. I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of time spent in this School and would go straight back and do it all again, the four years have absolutely flown by so fast. The course itself while challenging, is equally fascinating and inspirational, this is due to the passion and commitment of the tutors and their ability to share that wealth of knowledge with the students. The four years are necessary and give you the opportunity to develop new skills and a confidence that will benefit you in your own practice. The continuous support and encouragement you receive from the tutors during the four years is second to none and allows to you graduate with a licence to practice a system of medicine which is gentle safe and effective. Along the way my colleagues have now become friends and I have no doubt we will be a great support to each other in the growing homeopathic community, which has been a wonderful added bonus.

My introduction to homeopathy was through my daughter, who had severe atopic eczema covering most of her body, she received excellent treatment and care from the medical system, however her eczema never really cleared up despite all our best effort. We were recommended a great homeopath who did manage to successfully treat her eczema, within 6 weeks she was eczema free and has been since. This really impressed me and got my attention, which is why I wanted to know more. My professional background is in nursing (R.N.I.D), which I equally enjoyed and am looking forward to using the skills I have acquired in my new career as a homeopath”

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