Valuable insights into the pre- and post-cancer care potential of adopting a homeopathic approach to cancer patients

The HAT Cancer Support Project was a community-based study in Hampshire. Its aims were:
1) to test the effectiveness of specifically designed ultra-high dilution combinations used alongside conventional radiotherapy and chemotherapy cancer treatments and,
2) to assess a programme of individualised homeopathy as a ‘holistic health boost’ following conventional treatment.

Both aims of the study, undertaken by Clinical Homeopath and Chartered Psychologist, Jennifer Poole were successful. Simon Wilkinson-Blake, HAT’s Executive Director, adds: “We are very pleased with the study, which supports previous research for the clinical effectiveness of ultra-dilutions with conventional cancer treatment, and establishes the individualised approach as effective in boosting the emotional and physical wellbeing of participants in post-cancer care. Individualised homeopathy also appeared effective where additional illness was present and regardless of diagnosed cancer stage.”

The study final Report is free to download  from this page

The Trustees of the Homeopathy Action Trust wish to express their gratitude to Jennifer Poole for the study and report.