Laboratory experiments show homeopathic medicines to be toxic to breast cancer cells, but not healthy breast cells

The effects of Phytolacca 30c, Carcinosin 30c, Conium 30c and Thuja 30c on breast cancer cells and healthy breast cells was investigated by Frenkel M and his team in Texas, USA. The authors’ preliminary results showed that Phytolacca 30c and Carcinosin 30c in particular had a measurable cytotoxic effect cytotoxic effect cytotoxic effect on breast cancer cells, but left the normal breast cells undamaged. The homeopathic medicines caused the cancer cells to multiply more slowly, stop multiplying or die. Work will continue to see whether these exciting early results prove repeatable, but considering that selective toxicity such as this is the ‘holy grail’ of cancer treatments, there will be many scientists, oncologists, homeopaths and patients awaiting further results with anticipation.