Co. Louth, Physician and Mum

“I discovered homeopathy about two years ago after the birth of my son. I attended a breastfeeding group in Drogheda and one week a homeopath came over to speak about the most common ailments affecting infants and toddlers and how having few homeopathic remedies at home could be very handy. My son was not colicky but he did get quite gassy specially during the early morning hours and he would pull up his legs and moan and groan in discomfort. I had tried giving him colief and massaging him but without any significant results so I decided to give homeopathy a try and within just an hour after his first dose of colocynthis he seemed to relax and sleep much better. Because the remedy had worked so fast and so well it got me interested and I wanted to know more about homeopathy. Bernie, my homeopath was kind enough to lend me a few books and as I read my interest in the subject only grew. In the months that followed I used homeopathy as the first line treatment for all our personal complaints and it always worked and we never had to resort to using antibiotics or any other allopathic medicines.

Being a doctor and having a science background myself I am quite skeptical of all miracle drugs and bogus cures but in some cases homeopathic remedies work so fast and so effectively its almost incredible. I remember my son was about 6 months old when one morning he woke up with a runny nose and mild fever. He was quite lethargic and not himself. I called Bernie and she suggested I give him aconite. I gave him the remedy and mentally prepared myself for a rough couple of days. After his morning feed he went down for a nap. He slept a good 3 hours and when he woke up the cold was gone. There was not the slightest sign the child had been sick earlier that day. He was happy, active and ready to play. This is not a coincidence, homeopathy really does work!!!
In the past two years I have used homeopathy for teething, colds and flus, bruises and  burns, backaches and sprains, constipation and rashes and always with fantastic results. (My experience with homeopathy is purely personal and I have never used it in treating patients and as of now homeopathy is not an accepted form of treatment in medical circles and hospitals in Ireland) I must make a special mention of the wonderful way a visit to the homeopath plays out. It is nothing like the rapid fire round at the GPs where the doctor just jots down your symptoms and prescribes something in a hurry and you are out in less than 10 minutes. A homeopath takes out proper time for you, to really get to know the problem and how it affects you and makes you feel. One is not reduced to a mere malfunctioning organ but rather looked at as a living, feeling human being. Homeopathy aims to treat the patient not just symptomatically but as a whole and after a visit to the homeopaths one comes out feeling looked after and cared for.
All the above mentioned experiences prompted me to go a step further and attend a day course at the Irish School of Homeopathy. I found it extremely helpful and easy to follow. Lot of valuable information was provided on how to use homeopathic remedies for acute everyday ailments. The handouts and material provided are still something I refer to often. Also there was an excellent lecture on nutrition which in todays fast paced fast food culture is just indispensable. I am currently a first year student of homeopathy at the ISH.
I would like to conclude by saying that along with all its beauty and happiness motherhood can sometimes be quite a lonely and daunting experience. There is nothing that makes us more helpless than seeing our children in pain. With homeopathy I have become a more secure and confident parent and I can trust my decisions without second guessing everything. I recommend homeopathy to any and everyone but especially to new mothers and hope your experiences with it are as wonderful as mine have been”.