Homeopathy is where my Heart is
“The recent economic shift offered an opportunity to have a good look at ourselves, our behaviour, direction, integrity and ability. It was within this context that I embarked on my 4-year course of study for the Licentiate to practice as a Homeopath with the Irish School of Homeopathy. It’s hard to believe that I am about to enter my final year-and what a journey it has been. Not only have my skills and knowledge base developed in studying this fascinating subject, it has also broadened my employment options, professional confidence, insight and psychological flexibility in working with people. It has not only provided me with a technique for treating people, but a “way of being” with them that is more complete, multi-dimensional and holistic.
I was already accustomed to academia, having previously achieved third level validation. However, there is no doubt that I have found the course in Homeopathy personally and professionally challenging, and well worth the effort. My 3rd year of study has afforded me the opportunity of working directly with patients as a Homeopath in training. This was supported by exceptional, consistent and intense supervision from the course tutors and graduate supervisors, in both a one-to-one and class setting, and it is this welcomed and non-intrusive support and supervision that has been instrumental in my own personal and professional growth. I look forward to my final year and the opportunity to fully implement my learning in my work practice”

Contact details:

Leixlip, Co. Kildare Tel: 087 9177868

MSc Rehabilitation Management. Lic. I.S.H. H.Dip Social & Vocational Rehabilitation. Dip Addiction Studies. Dip Healing Massage, IAAAC.