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The aim of the Irish School of Homeopathy is to both educate and also raise awareness in the use of homeopathy. For that reason we run a variety of workshops to cater to everyone’s needs. Below you will find a list of all the short Homeopathy courses we have to offer and there is something to suit everyone.

Homeopathy for Beginners – 1-Day Practical Workshop

onedayworkshop_happychildLearn how to support your own and your family’s health? We regularly run introductory and themed one day workshops in Homeopathy. These workshops are designed for people who have an interest in health and nutrition and want to live a healthier life. These workshops are suitable for everyone from the total novice who has never used a homeopathic remedy to someone who has been reading and researching about the subject on their own.

The beauty of Homeopathy is its potential for empowerment – it puts you in control of your own health, as it is based on the principle that the body is self-healing. At the end of our workshops you will have a sound knowledge of many commonly used remedies, and feel confident to self-prescribe, while mindful of your own limitations as a non-practitioner. You will learn how to use all the remedies in the homeopathic home kits that are available on-line and also be able to choose homeopathic remedies from your local pharmacy/health store and use them confidently with your family for everyday ailments. For more detailed information on our 1-Day workshop along with upcoming dates and booking information please click HERE.


Home Prescriber’s Certificate Programme
We also run various themed workshops as part of a Certificate Programme that enables you to build your homeopathic prescribing skills as you go along, at your own pace and in the time you have available. The certificate programme consists of five themed workshops. This is a follow on option from the one day Introductory Workshop outlined above. The HPC is run in both Dublin and Cork and will give you the extra skills and information you need to become a more effective home prescriber. On each of those days you will revisit case taking to hone your prescribing skills and to increase your confidence and ability. If you attend the full course you will receive a Home Prescriber Certificate. This will also entitle you to a discount on the first year of the four year course should you decide to enrol. For more detailed information on the Home Prescriber’s Certificate Programme please click here

adults_learningThe fee for the Home Prescriber’s Programme is €460 (€100 booking deposit required 30 days in advance). If a participant continues with further training with the school – 50% of the fees paid previously in respect of Home Prescriber’s course will be deducted from professional course.
If you are interested in enrolling in our professional training course we recommend that you attend one of the introductory workshops. Apart from the obvious benefits of attending the course it is also an introduction to the School itself.

For many of our graduates, attendance at the workshop confirmed their decision to pursue homeopathy as a career. For more information on the Professional course please click here.

We have special rates for groups of people, please contact our office.


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  • Dr. Anna Vajna

    I found it extremely helpful and easy to follow. Lot of valuable information was provided on how to use homeopathic remedies for acute everyday ailments.Read More »
  • Natasha Nolan gave me the confidence to start using some remedies myself at home. It feels like I am now taking some control over my own families health and supporting them.Read More »
  • Cliodhna Purcell

    I highly recommend doing a day course - it seems like it will be long but actually you learn so much and it's so enjoyable too that I'd happily attend another one.Read More »