Dublin, Marketing Consultant and Mum of 3

“I attended a one-day course with Brenda Collier at the ISH school yesterday and it was really good. I was a little bit sceptical, as I wondered if I would really learn anything that I could put into practice, but I learned loads.
Firstly the day is very relaxing, time flies by and you’re actually sorry when it is over. Secondly, there is a lot of focus on nutrition as well as the homeopathy, so you’re getting a LOT of information for the money you pay. Thirdly, Brenda was so knowledgeable about all aspects of health that she could answer any question we asked, and was lovely with it. Finally, I now have the confidence to begin using my homeopathy kit with the 36 remedies, plus lots of handouts to help me. I highly recommend doing a day course – it seems like it will be long but actually you learn so much and it’s so enjoyable too that I’d happily attend another one. (PS the canteen/coffee at the ISH is excellent too!) When is the next one?”