School Resources

At the Irish School of Homeopathy we believe that our job is to support each successful applicant in their process of becoming a successful practicing homeopath. We have constantly invested in the resources needed to promote the level of skill and competence required by students in their treatment of patients and in the management of their practice.

The Irish School of Homeopathy Library in Dublin is the biggest in Ireland and currently holds over 1,500 books for borrowing and reference purposes. As the Cork school library was established in 2000 it is smaller but is a rapidly growing resource for Cork students. Both libraries are open to students and post-graduates each teaching weekend.

Post Graduate Training
Graduation means the beginning of practice. This brings with it all of the challenges of moving into a new career. In order to support students the school offers a post-graduate training programme. There is more information about or post-graduate programme here.

Teaching Staff
We have a dedicated team of core teachers and we also invite specialist lecturers from abroad to teach each year. All of our teachers are highly qualified Homeopaths with busy clinical practices. They are all very committed practitioners who also love to share their knowledge and experience with students. They are all warm and open individuals with their own unique inspirational qualities. Their aim is to teach and inspire a love of homeopathy and homeopathic practice. Our lecturers are continually updating their knowledge and skills and committed to their own continuing personal and professional development.

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