Post Graduate Training

Our post-graduate programme consists of 3 weekends run from November 2017 until March 2018. The aim of the course is to deepen your knowledge, look at difficult pathologies and broaden your skill base to help you become a more effective practitioner. The course is always very practical and inspiring and is facilitated by highly skilled and well known homeopaths from Ireland and abroad. With this in mind each weekend will provide the opportunity to discuss your difficult cases related to the topic being taught. This is a unique aspect of the Post Graduate Course and very different from attending a seminar. It means that what is being taught can be directly related to your practice and will provide clear direction for your case-management.

The Post Graduate Course can be completed over one year by attending all three lectures or over two years if you attended lectures last year. You will get a certificate of attendance for individual weekends and will receive the full Post Graduate certificate for completing 3 modules.. The course is very affordably priced and we have a number of payment options. While participants may choose to only attend particular weekends the awarding of the Post Graduate diploma is dependent on attendance of a minimum of 3 weekends over 1 or 2 years.

The course is open to all graduates of recognised courses.

All New 2017/2018 Post Graduate Course

Weekend 1 – November 11th and 12th 2017 – Dr. Jonathan Hardy M.A.,B.M.,F.F.Hom. Homeopathic Physician

‘Bird and Molluscs’

  • In this seminar we will study two fascinating groups of remedies. You will see video cases, edited for clarity and brevity, of a number of bird remedies, including Raven, Swan, Peregrine Falcon, Redtailed Hawk, Rock Dove and Scarlet Macaw. Remedies will be studied in detail with use of the repertory, provings, materia medica and sensation level material. The Molluscs are a large and extremely varied family. Homeopathic cases in this remedy group are often wonderfully rich in sensation level material and we will be studying how to use this method in conjunction with our traditional Homeopathic methods of repertorization and use of the materia medica and provings. We will study the common themes of the family and those of the three main Mollusc classes: Bivalves, Gastropods and Cephalopods. The cases will include Helix Aspersa (Garden Snail),Venus Mercenaria (American Clam), Pearl, Octopus, Loligo (Squid) and Nautilus..

Weekend 2 -February 17/18th 2018 – Jeremy Sherr

‘Strategies for Success’

Revitalise your practice with strategies for success. Offering interactive homeopathy on both days with live cases, Jeremy will take us on a journey of sight and sound through:

  • More recent work on the noble gases, in particular Helium and Neon, with information drawn from his recent provings
  • Sharing a unique formula for case taking, repertorisation and materia medica.
  • Capturing through casual conversation the most essential qualities of the person that reflects its similimum in nature.
  • Demonstrating techniques for ‘difficult’ and ‘one-sided’ cases he uses in Africa and how to bring them into our everyday practice.
  • Discussing his case management and provings in a step-by-step way, from case-taking, case analysis, repertorisation, materia medica.
  • Showing how to perceive the central idea of the remedy.
  • Sharing his concept of ‘Living Homeopathically’ for a fuller richer homeopathic community.

*Live patients required for the seminar – please contact for more details.

Weekend 3 -March 24th/25th 2018 – Dr. Shekhar Algundgi BHMS, MD (Homeo) M.F.Hom (Malaysia), F. Hom. (U.K.), N.D. (Naturo) from his Faculty at the The Other Song, Mumbai, India.

‘Clinical insights on versatile skills of case taking:’

  • Flexibility in approach while case receiving in diverse personalities.
  • Triggering a conversation in reserved persons.
  • Understanding story behind the story of the individuals talk…the sound of soul.
  • How to get pally with the patient’s level of understanding.
  • How to make the person comfortable to open up his deepest core.
  • How to merge with the patients energy levels.

‘Understanding Levels of experience, Different Kingdoms and Miasms:’

  • Understanding of remedies within Kingdoms.
  • Correlate the energy patterns in person with that of energies in nature- Plant, Mineral, Animal energies.
  • Capturing through casual conversation the most essential qualities of the person that reflects its similimum in nature
  • Understanding Miasms -How intensely the person is coping up with his life situations.
  • Illustration through exclusive video cases co-relation.

Payment options

Early Bird Full Course €450 (deposit of €225 received by the 20th of October, and €75 payable at each weekend)
Early Bird individual weekends – €160 with booking deposit of €80 per weekend
Early Bird dates –Weekend 1 October 20th/ Weekend 2 December 20th/ Weekend 3 January 20th
Individual weekend – €180 (deposit of €90 to secure place)
Full course €540

You can book your course online by going to our Post Graduate Certificate Application Form.

Please note: Cancellations in writing will be accepted up to 4 weeks prior to commencement of the course. After this date, no refund of the deposit will be given. The Irish School of Homeopathy reserve the right to cancel the course if the minimum number of people do not apply in which case a full refund will be given.

Please contact us on if you have any further questions.

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